Getting the most from your Bulb account

Your Bulb account makes it easy and fast for you to manage your energy. So there’s no need to email us and wait for a reply, or spend time on a phone call.

With your Bulb account, you can:

Our free app for iOS and Android also lets you do most of these things straight from your phone.

Let’s take a look at the main features of your online account.

Submit meter readings

To submit a meter reading, choose ‘Submit meter reading’ on the home screen of your Bulb account, then choose either ‘Electricity’ or ‘Gas’.

When to submit readings

If you’ve just joined Bulb we’ll need a meter reading within 5 days of your switch date. We’ll pass this reading on to your old supplier so they can close your account and send you a final bill. We’ll email you to let you know when to take this reading. 

To keep your account on track and make sure you’re paying the right amount for your energy, you should submit a meter reading at least every 3 months, but ideally every month. We’ll email you to remind you when a reading’s due.

Change your payment settings

You can change your payment amount at any time. You can increase your payments to build up credit, or decrease them if you’re paying for more energy than you’re using.

To change your payment settings, choose ‘Payments & statements’ on the home screen, then the ‘Payment Settings’ link in the top right of the page. This may be called ‘Settings’ if you’re using a mobile device.

 As well as changing your monthly payment amount, you can: 

  • change the date you make your payments
  • change which bank account you pay from
  • switch from card payments to Direct Debit

View your statements

We’ll email your statements to you each month, but you can also see your account balance and download your previous statements in your Bulb account.

To see your balance, choose ‘Payments & statements’ on the home screen, then scroll down to ‘Statements’.

To download a past statement, find the date you’re interested in and choose ‘Download statement’.

Top up your balance

If your balance is looking low, you can make a top up payment.

To make a top up payment, go to ‘Payments & statementson the home screen, then choose ‘Top up balance’ below your latest balance.

Track your energy usage

Choose ‘Energy usage’ on the home screen to see your monthly energy usage graph.

You can also see the meter readings the graph is based on. Remember, submitting regular meter readings is the best way to get accurate usage data.

Update your account settings

Choose ‘Account settings’ on the home screen to update your contact details or password, or add another name to your statements.

Let us know you’re moving house

If you’re moving house, choose the ‘Move out’ link from the top right of the home screen to let us know straight from your Bulb account.

We can then start the process of closing your account, and sign up your new property if you’d like to stay with Bulb.

Check your tariff information

Choose the ‘Tariff’ link at the top of any Bulb account page to see a summary of your tariff information. 

You’ll be able to see your estimated annual cost and how much you pay per kilowatt hour (kWh) for your gas and electricity.

You can also sign up to:

  • our smart tariff if you have a compatible smart meter
  • our Feed-in Tariff if you produce your own electricity using renewable generation equipment that was certified by 31st March 2019

Get help or talk to the Bulb community

The ‘Help’ link at the top of every Bulb account page will take you to our help centre, where you can find answers to almost any question you might have about Bulb.

And the ‘Community’ link will take you to our community forum, where you can talk to the Bulb team or other Bulb members about anything to do with Bulb or green energy.

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