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My old supplier installed smart meters, why do I need new ones?

Some older smart meters, called Non SMETS Smart (NSS), can only be read by the supplier that installed them. If we've invited you to book a smart meter installation it's because your property has these meters and we need to replace them with second generation 'SMETS2' meters.

There are different types of smart meters:

  • Non SMETS Smart (NSS) 
    These can only be read by the installing supplier and that will not change. Bulb or any other supplier you choose in the future will not be able to read this type of meter. We recommend replacing these meters with second generation 'SMETS2' meters, which can be read by any supplier.
  • First generation (SMETS1)
    Currently, this type of meter can only be read by the installing supplier. But a planned, nationwide program of technical work starting in summer 2019 means we will be able to read these smart meters in the future. If you have a SMETS1 meter, we’ll let you know as soon as it becomes smart again. We expect to be able to read all first generation smart meters by the end of 2020, and so we are not planning on replacing these meters.
  • Second generation (SMETS2)
    This is the type of smart meter we are installing. It can be read by any supplier, so even if you decide to switch away from Bulb in the future, it will stay smart. 



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