Getting a smart meter installed if you have solar panels

We're installing 'SMETS2', or second generation smart meters. They're compatible with all solar panels.

When you book your installation, we'll ask some questions to make sure there's enough space for the engineer to work safely. We ask for 2 feet (about 60cm) of free space around your meter as a rough guideline. 

If you’re on the Feed-in Tariff (FIT)

Your smart meter installation shouldn't affect your solar panels, generation meter or FIT payments.  

During your installation, the engineer will turn off your electricity and solar panels. That's so they can safely take out your old meters and replace them with new ones. The engineer will switch your solar panels on again when they’ve finished.

Your solar installer is responsible for your solar panels and generation meter 

If your generation meter stops working or you think your solar panels are still off, contact your solar installer. They may ask you to contact us to recover any missed FIT payments.

If your solar installer replaces your generation meter because it’s faulty, let us know by email. Include a photo of the final generation reading on your old meter and a photo of the new meter. 

Find out how to recognise your generation meter.

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