How much space you need to get a smart meter installed

It'll be up to the engineer to decide what's safe on the day. And depending on your meter set up, this might vary. But as a rough guide, we recommend going through the following checks before you book a smart meter installation.

There should be about 1ft of free space around your meter

You’ll need to check your existing meter has about 1ft (that’s roughly 30cm) of free space in front of it, and also on either side. 

We use 1ft as a rough guide to make sure there’s going to be enough space on the wall to install your new smart meter. Your smart meter comes with a communications hub - this lets your meter talk wirelessly to the smart network. And together, they take up about the same amount of space as an A4 piece of paper.

The engineer also needs enough space to carry out the installation comfortably.

Your meters can’t be more than 8ft above the ground

That’s roughly 2.5 metres high. To ensure the engineer’s safety, their ladder can only reach this high up. So if the engineer can’t reach your meters with their ladder, they won’t be able to do the installation. 

If your meters are more than 8ft above the ground, depending on engineer availability, we might be able to send an extra engineer to help out with the installation. Email before you book an installation and we’ll look into it.

You’ll need to clear the space in front of your meter

The engineer will need clear access to your current meters on the day. So before your installation appointment, you’ll need to move anything that might get in the engineer’s way, such as appliances, household items, and heavy objects. 

If your meter lives inside a cupboard, you’ll need to clear it out before the engineer arrives. And if the cupboard is locked, for example if you live in a shared building, you’ll need to get hold of the key or make sure the engineer will be able to get access on the day.

Send us a picture of your meters if you're not sure

If you’re not sure whether your meters are easy to access, or there’s enough space for the installation, send a photo of your meters to and we can check for you.

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