If you think there's a problem with your meter, we’re here to help.

Find out what to do when:

You can also get help if:


If your meter is damaged

Follow our emergency advice if you think your meter could be damaged, including if:

  • you smell gas
  • you can see black liquid or smoke coming out of your meter
  • there are scorch marks on or around your meter
  • there are any damaged cables or exposed wires
  • you see any other signs your meter might have been damaged or tampered with, including wiring or pipes that look out of place

If your meter’s screen isn’t working

If you have a meter with a digital screen and a keypad, you might need to push a button to wake up the screen. Find out how to read your meter. 

If you can’t read your screen because it’s cracked or has fogged up, we may need to replace it. Use our contact form to email us and include a photo of the meter, showing the screen clearly. 


If you think your meter isn’t counting your usage correctly

It’s rare for meters to record usage inaccurately, but we can help if this happens. 

If your meter is showing unexpectedly high or low readings, there are some things you should check before you get in touch.

Your readings may have been higher or lower than normal because of changes in:

  • the weather, which might mean you’ve had the heating on more or less than usual
  • your circumstances, such as illness or working from home
  • the types of appliance you use, like changing from a gas to electric cooker


If you’ve submitted your first meter reading in a while

If it’s the first time you’ve submitted meter readings in a while, they might seem high or low compared to the estimates in your Bulb account. 

When we don’t receive readings from you we use estimates to calculate your usage. The longer we use estimates, the more likely it is that the usage shown in your account will go off track. We ask you to send readings at least every 3 months. So if your readings look off, sit tight and send us a reading next month to get your account back on track.


If you think we have the wrong unit for your gas meter

Gas meters can record usage in cubic feet (ft3) or cubic metres (m3), and occasionally we might have had the wrong unit registered to your meter.

Your meter’s units will usually be shown on the meter itself or on its screen, next to the reading.

If you think we might have the wrong units for your meter, let us know and we can check.


Checking your meter’s accuracy

If you’re still not sure about your meter’s accuracy, then you can carry out the following test to see if you might have a faulty appliance:

  1. Switch off all the appliances in your home.
  2. Switch on one appliance at a time, checking your meter each time. If the meter goes up quickly, you may have a faulty appliance. An electrician can confirm this for you.

If your meter keeps running even with all the appliances switched off, or if you’ve done the above checks and still think there’s a problem, let us know and we can organise an engineer to check your meter’s accuracy.

The cost for an engineer to check your meter is £120. This will be charged to your Bulb account after the test. If your meter is found to have a problem recording usage, we’ll credit your account with the cost of the job and a meter exchange.

A meter is classed as recording units accurately as long as its reading is within:

  • +2.5% and -3.5% of actual usage, if it’s an electricity meter
  • +3% and -3% of actual usage, if it’s a gas meter
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