The Green Deal: how it works, and when Bulb will start offering it

We’re becoming a Green Deal Supplier in early 2020. This means you can switch to Bulb then if you’re paying for home energy improvements through your energy bill under the Green Deal.

So if you’re currently making payments under the Green Deal and you’d like to switch to Bulb, we’d love to hear from you. Send an email with the subject line “Green Deal please” to and we’ll add you to our waiting list. As soon as the scheme is available, we’ll email to let you know. 

How it works

The Green Deal was a government scheme to help households pay for their home energy improvements, like upgrading home insulation, sealing draughts and installing small-scale renewable generation. 

These projects were paid for by loans, which are paid back through a charge added to your monthly electricity statement. If you have a prepayment electricity meter, a small amount will be taken from your meter every day. 

Government funding for the scheme stopped in July 2015. But because financing for the projects was available for up to 25 years, many homes are still paying for their home’s energy improvement projects through their energy bill. These homes must get their energy from a Green Deal Supplier. You can see a list of all Green Deal Suppliers

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