Referring a business, organisation or charity

Any member can refer businesses, organisations or charities to Bulb. You'll both get £50 referral credit when they switch with your referral link.

Share your referral link and make sure they use it to switch

You can find your business referral link in the 'Referrals’ section of your Bulb account - just click on ‘Refer a business’.

You can copy and paste your link into a message, or send an email containing the link.

To get credit, the business must sign up using your link

If they don't sign up using your link, we can't tell that you referred them.

You'll receive the credit when the switch completes

It can take anywhere from 21 days to a few months to switch a business, depending on when their existing contract ends. Find out more about how you'll get your referral credit.

You can refer as many businesses as you like

There's no limit to the amount of businesses you can refer. So feel free to tell all the companies, charities and community organisations you know. You'll get the referral credit each time one of them switches using your referral link.

Some members may not be eligible for referral credit

Sometimes a member may not receive a referral credit. This could be because:

  • they haven't used the referral link
  • they've already been with Bulb in the past 12 months
  • their property is already supplied by Bulb
  • they've already been referred to Bulb while at their current property

Read our Terms and Conditions for more information about our referral programme.

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