When your smart meter is installed, you'll be offered an In-Home Display (IHD). It's a small, portable screen that shows how much energy you're using, or how much credit you've got on your meter.

If you didn't get a guide for your IHD, or you’d like to print a new one out, you can download a guide in PDF format on this page.

There are different models of IHD. Which one you have depends on the type of meter you have, when it was installed, and the supplier that installed them.

We've included guides for the following manufacturers:

If Bulb installed your IHD, it will probably be a Chameleon model. If you're blind or partially sighted, you might have the Trio Accessible IHD - we've got an online guide for using the Trio.

'Chameleon' IHDs

Read our online guide to using your In-Home Display. This guide is for IHDs installed from August 2019 onwards they'll have 'IHD6 CAD PPMID' printed on the bottom.

If you top up your gas or electricity meter, there’s a different version of the guide available. It covers features like checking your meter balance, and adding Emergency Credit. Download the guide for IHDs installed by Bulb if you're on Smart Pay As You Go.

To download an IHD guide, select the right one by checking the code printed on the bottom of the IHD, to the left of the barcode, or based on the date your smart meter was installed. 

Chameleon IHDs include the standing charge for gas, but not electricity 

Since some of the Chameleon IHD guides were printed and made available for download, our smart gas meters have been updated. Now, the cost of gas shown on your IHD always includes the daily standing charge. The charge is applied at midnight for the upcoming day.

The standing charge is not included in electricity costs by default. To see the total cost of electricity including the standing charge, you still need to press the Menu icon, and then the Account button.

'Secure' SMETS1 IHDs

If your previous supplier installed a SMETS1 meter at your property, and it was manufactured by ‘Secure’, read our online guide to using your Secure SMETS1 In-Home Display.


If your IHD has the word ‘GEO’ printed on it, download the GEO IHD user manual.



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