Why switching your gas away from Bulb may be delayed

Bulb is becoming a gas shipper. That means we’re not only buying gas for our members, but we’re arranging for the gas to be moved through the national networks owned by companies called ‘gas transporters’.

While the change is being finalised, a small number of members who switch their gas away from Bulb will have their switch delayed by 1 to 21 days.

We’ll let you know if your switch is affected

We’re contacting members affected by the delay to let them know when they can restart their switch. And we’ll compensate those members to make sure they’re not out of pocket because of the delay. 

If you're affected, we’ll base your compensation on the difference in price between our tariff and the tariff you'll be switching to. And to make sure that we're calculating the amount you would have spent on the new tariff fairly, we'll use the following information:

  • the unit rate of the supplier you're switching to
  • the total amount of gas we estimate you'll use per year - known as your 'Annual Quantity' (or 'AQ') 
  • the month your switch away is due to complete
  • the daily profile for that month - each month has a different 'profile' to account higher energy usage during the winter months
  • the number of days your switch is delayed

Ofgem agreed our plans for compensating members

As an energy supplier, we’re held to a Guaranteed Standard of Performance, which includes the process of switching to or away from Bulb. Because some members will be delayed when they’re switching their gas away, we told Ofgem, the energy regulator. Ofgem agreed that our process for managing the delay and compensating our members is fair, and that no member will pay more for their energy because of this delay. 

Bulb is becoming a gas shipper

A gas shipper is licenced by Ofgem and responsible for buying gas, and making sure that the gas pressure in the pipes isn’t too high or too low.

Previously, we used an external company as our gas shipper, but now we’re taking on this responsibility ourselves. It means we can work more efficiently, which helps keep our prices low for all our members.

Our members will be moved from their previous gas shipper over to Bulb in large groups. The process for each group takes around 3 weeks. While that’s happening, any switches to a different supplier are put on hold. Once the move is complete, affected members can restart their switch.

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