Changing your meter or payment method when you join

After you’ve switched to Bulb, you can change your meter set up or the way you pay for your energy. For example, if you want to upgrade to a smart meter, or switch from topping up your meters to paying monthly by Direct Debit.

It’s free to upgrade to a smart meter. For any service other than a smart meter installation, there’s a charge for changing or removing your meter.

You’ll need to wait until you’ve been with Bulb for around a month first. That’s because we’ll still be doing some technical work behind the scenes to finish setting up your account. 

If you have a traditional (non-smart) meter and you pay monthly by Direct Debit

You could be eligible for a free smart meter installation. We’ll run some checks first to make sure you live in an area with good smart network coverage. And to double check the installation will be successful, we’ll ask some questions about your meter set up when you make a booking.

Once you’ve booked an installation, an engineer will visit your home, remove your old meters, and replace them with new smart meters.

If you have a top up (prepay) meter

You could be eligible to exchange your top up (prepay) meter for a free smart meter in pay monthly mode. This means you'll change the way you pay for your energy and switch to paying monthly by Direct Debit.

To get a smart meter in pay monthly mode, we’ll need to run a ‘soft’ credit check first - this won’t affect your credit rating. We’ll also check you live in an area with good smart network coverage. And to make sure our engineers can carry out the installation, we’ll ask you some questions about the meter set up at the property you live in.

To discuss your options, get in touch.

We’re beginning to install smart top up (prepay) meters in some of our members' homes. If you'd like a smart top up meter, we'll email you as soon as you become eligible and there are engineers working in your area.  

If you have a first generation (SMETS1) smart meter

We’re not replacing first generation (SMETS1) smart meters with new, second generation (SMETS2) meters. If your meter was installed before February 2019, it’s probably first generation.

We can already automatically read SMETS1 meters made by the manufacturer Secure (they’ll have ‘Secure’ written on them). So there’s no need for us to replace those meters.

And if you’ve got any other type of SMETS1 meter, there's a national programme happening to bring it onto the same nationwide smart network as the latest SMETS2 smart meters. So eventually we’ll be able to read your SMETS1 meter automatically too. 

Read more about Bulb’s smart meter rollout.

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