Paying back debt on your smart top up (prepay) meter

Your meter can have 2 different kinds of debt:

Depending on the type of debt on your meter, you’ll pay these back differently.

Paying back Emergency Credit and Friendly Credit

If your meter runs out of credit, and you use up all £10 of Emergency Credit, your meter will start to build up debt. This debt can include your daily standing charge and any Friendly Credit you’ve used.

When you top up, you’ll have to pay back any Emergency Credit you’ve used in full before credit gets added to your meter. If you also used any Friendly Credit during Friendly Credit hours, you’ll need to repay this in full too. 

If there’s debt on your meter from a previous supplier, or credit loan

You’ll pay back any debt you’ve built up from a previous supplier or credit loan by £1 every day, and a maximum of £5 a week per meter.

If you’re struggling to pay for your energy

If you need extra support, we offer help managing your energy payments.

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