Getting smart meters for your business

We’re installing smart meters for our business members. If you’re a Bulb Business member, you can check if you’re eligible to book your smart meter installation online.

Smart meters measure how much energy your business is using. They’re smarter than a traditional meter because they send your meter readings straight to your Bulb account automatically. So you’ll get accurate statements based on your usage, and you won't need to submit meter readings anymore.

Your business can get a smart meter if:

Your business is following government guidelines for a COVID-secure workplace, and no one is shielding or experiencing coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms

Your safety and the safety of our engineers is our priority. Our engineers use personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks and gloves, and practise social distancing throughout the installation. If your business is following government guidelines for a secure workplace, and no one is shielding or experiencing coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, you can book an installation.

Your meters are easy to access

During the installation, the engineer will remove your existing gas and electricity meters and replace them with smart meters. So your existing meters must be easy to access. This means they’re not behind a panel, wall or cupboard, they’re not more than 8ft (2.5m) above the ground, and they have about 1ft (30cm) of space around them on each side.

You can access the main fuse switch for electricity and your gas boiler

If your business is in a shared building, you might need to contact the building manager in advance to ensure you have access to the main fuse and your gas boiler on the day.

You can turn off any sensitive electrical equipment

The engineer will need to switch off things like computers, alarms, fridges and machinery before the installation begins. If you have equipment that must stay on, you’ll need to make your own arrangements for a generator before the engineer arrives.

Your business may not be able to get a smart meter if:

Your existing meters are not compatible

If your business has multiple meters at one site, we can’t install smart meters just yet. And, although smart meters directly replace your existing meters, there are some types of meter that we can’t replace at the moment. These include:

  • 3-phase meters
  • half-hourly meters
  • larger U16 gas meters

Smart meter technology is developing quickly, so we hope to be able to replace these meters in the future. If you’re not sure what type of meter you have, send a photo of your meter to and we can help.

Your electricity meter is in a metal box

Some meters are stored inside a metal box. This disrupts the signal that smart meters use to send your readings back to Bulb. If your meter is in a metal box, we won’t be able to install a smart meter.

There is poor network coverage in your area

Smart meters send readings to your Bulb account using a dedicated smart communication network. If the smart network coverage in your area isn’t strong enough, we’ll let you know we can’t install a smart meter. And as soon as the coverage improves, we’ll be back in touch to book your installation.

We work with experienced engineers

The engineers we work with have experience fitting smart meters in a wide range of businesses and situations. They’ll do everything they can to make your installation a success.

Occasionally, during the installation, the engineer may identify a situation we couldn’t predict, where it’s not possible to complete the installation. If that happens, they’ll explain the issue and make sure your existing meters are working safely.

Find out what you can do to prepare for your smart meter installation, or book your smart meter installation today.



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