About Bulb's EV Tariff

Our EV Tariff is designed for members with electric vehicles (EVs), although it could benefit anyone who can shift a large portion of their electricity usage to our off-peak times. 

It's in 'beta', which means we're still testing it.

To join the EV Tariff, you'll need a second generation (SMETS2) smart meter for electricity that can take a reading every half hour. 

Apply to join the EV Tariff

Already a Bulb member? Switch your electricity tariff or book a smart meter installation in your Bulb account.

How it works

On our standard tariff, the price is the same no matter when you use electricity. But on the EV Tariff there are 2 different rates for electricity:

  • off-peak - cheaper
  • standard - more expensive

The prices for each rate vary by region.

If you confirm you want to be on the EV Tariff, we’ll switch you to it within 48 hours. And you’ll have a 14 day cooling-off period to cancel your switch in case you change your mind.

We’ll send you an email when your EV Tariff switch is complete.

The EV Tariff could save you money

If you own an EV and you’re able to schedule the charging during cheaper off-peak hours, you'll make savings by avoiding standard rates.

These are the off-peak and standard hours for the EV Tariff. They’ll stay the same, even when the clocks change:

Rate Hours 

12am to 2am

6am to 12am


2am to 6am


Not all smart meters are compatible

You can apply to join the EV Tariff trial if you have a second generation (SMETS2) smart meter.

Up until 2018, most smart meters installed in homes were first generation, or SMETS1. If you have a smart meter installed by Bulb, it will be second generation, or SMETS2.

During 2021, all SMETS1 meters will be automatically upgraded to work like SMETS2 meters. This will make them compatible with the EV Tariff. If you have a SMETS1 meter, we’ll let you know when it’s smart again.

EV Tariff prices

The rates you'll pay for standard and off-peak usage vary by region.

All prices include VAT and are rounded to 2 decimal places. On your statements, VAT will be shown separately. 

Region Standard rate (pence per kWh) Off-peak rate (pence per kWh)

Standing charge
(pence per day)

East England 20.07 4.68 22.80
East Midlands 19.32 4.95 21.20
London 21.37 4.00 22.02
North Wales, Mersey and Cheshire 19.40 5.68 20.95
West Midlands 20.11 5.68 22.66
North East England 18.70 5.68 24.83
North West England 19.35 5.15 21.82
North Scotland 20.49 6.23 24.80
South Scotland 19.70 5.68 22.81
South East England 20.27 4.67 22.25
Southern England 19.38 4.99 22.89
South Wales 19.30


South West England 20.29 5.68 23.48
Yorkshire 18.76 5.62 24.93


You can cancel your EV Tariff switch or go back to your previous tariff

If you decide the EV Tariff isn’t for you, there's a 14 day cooling off period to cancel your switch. This starts on the day you switch to the tariff and receive your new terms. You can cancel your switch to the EV Tariff in your Bulb account.

If you change your mind after the cooling off period ends, you'll need to stay on the EV Tariff for 35 days. After that, you'll be able to switch back.

When we’ve finished setting up your account, you can leave the EV Tariff at any point. Just go to the tariff page in your Bulb account, where you’ll see an option to ‘Change tariff’.

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