Check if you’re eligible for Bulb’s EV Tariff

If you charge your electric car at home more than 2 days a week, and can schedule your charging between 2am and 6am to make the most of off-peak rates, our EV Tariff is best for you.

You could also benefit if you can shift at least 15% of your electricity usage to our off-peak times. 

The EV tariff might not work for you if you charge your car at home less than 2 days a week or can’t make use of off-peak rates. If that's the case, our single rate tariff might be the cheapest option.

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Eligibility for the EV Tariff

You need a compatible smart meter

You can apply to join the EV Tariff if you have a second generation (SMETS2) smart meter and it has the manufacturer’s name ‘Landis + Gyr’ or ‘EDMI’ printed on it. 

If you have a smart meter installed by Bulb, it will be a compatible SMETS2 meter. If you don’t have smart meters at home, we might be able to install them for you. 

Up until 2018, most smart meters installed in homes were first generation, or SMETS1. During 2021, all SMETS1 meters will be automatically upgraded to work like SMETS2 meters. This will make them compatible with the EV Tariff. If you have a SMETS1 meter, we’ll let you know when it’s smart again.

You need to pay for your energy by monthly Direct Debit

If you’ve got a smart top up (prepay) meter that you can top up online, you may be eligible for the EV Tariff if you change the way you pay for your energy. If you’d like to switch to monthly payments, get in touch and use ‘Smart Pay As You Go’ as the subject line. 

If you’ve got a top up meter that you can only top up with a key, we may be able to install a smart meter. You’ll need to switch from topping up your meter to paying monthly by Direct Debit.

If you want to get a smart meter, we’ll need to carry out a credit check and make sure there’s smart network coverage in your area. You may then be eligible for the EV Tariff. If you’d like to get a smart meter and switch to monthly payments, get in touch and use ‘Pay As You Go’ as the subject line.

You need a single electricity meter

We can only switch a single electricity meter to the EV Tariff. If you have 2 separate electricity meters, or one meter with 2 connection points to the grid, we can’t change your tariff. 

This is sometimes called having related meters

Other reasons why you may not be able to sign up

We're still setting up your smart meters 

You can’t sign up for the EV Tariff within 2 weeks of your smart meter installation, as we need to wait until your account is updated. 

If your installation was more than 2 weeks ago and you’re having trouble signing up, get in touch so we can look into this for you. 

We've noticed some issues with your account

This could be because there are no smart meter readings in your account from the last 35 days. This means we haven’t been able to send your monthly statements using your smart meter readings. 

To check, head to the ‘Energy usage’ tab in your Bulb account and scroll down to the ‘Meter readings’ section. If your smart meter has been sending readings, it will say ‘Smart’ under ‘Input Type’. 

Get in touch if there are no smart readings in your account from the last 35 days. You may need to wait until you get your next monthly statement before signing up to the EV Tariff. 

Your distribution network operator (DNO) doesn't support a 2 rate tariff yet

DNOs are responsible for the wires that carry electricity from the grid to your home. If you’re with an independent DNO (iDNO), it’s likely that they can’t support a 2 rate tariff in your area yet. 

If you’re not sure who you’re with, contact your DNO. You can find your DNO's contact details by using your postcode. We hope to be able to switch homes to our EV Tariff with every iDNO soon. 

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