Cancelling or changing your Direct Debit

If you pay for your energy monthly by Direct Debit, it’s important to keep an active Direct Debit in your Bulb account.

An active Direct Debit will make sure:

  • you’re always paying for the energy you’re using
  • your account isn’t building up a negative balance (or ‘debit’)
  • you’ll never be charged an admin fee for missing a payment

If you cancel your Direct Debit and stop making payments for your energy, we may charge you an admin fee. This is £15 for your first missed payment, and £20 for each missed payment that follows. If your account builds up debt, you may be contacted by one of our Payment Specialists or a debt collection agency. We’ve explained more in the section ‘Paying for the energy and other charges’, in our Terms and Conditions.

We offer support if you’re struggling to pay

If you are struggling to pay for your energy, there are different ways we can support you. The most important thing you can do is let us know.

You can change your payment amount and date in your Bulb account

If you need to change your payments and the date we take them, head to the payments settings in your Bulb account. You’ll also see your suggested monthly payment amount. This is calculated to help you build up credit in the summer to put towards your usage in the winter. Find out more about how we calculate your payments, and why we may suggest a new monthly payment amount.

You can choose another way you pay for your energy

Most Bulb members pay for their energy by monthly Direct Debit, but we recognise this doesn't work for everyone. If you’d prefer to pay for your energy another way, find out more about our payment options.

You can lower your payments if your account has built up a lot of credit

To make them easier to manage, we aim to keep the payments you make into your Bulb account the same each month. Most people typically use more energy in the winter. So during the summer, your account should build up enough credit to pay for your usage over the colder months.

If you think you’ve built up more credit than you need for this time of year, you can lower your monthly payments to use some of it up. Head to your payments page and you’ll see the amount we recommend to keep your account healthy.

Get advice on what to do if your property is empty

If you have a home or property that’s sitting empty for a while, you’ll still need an active Direct Debit. This is to make sure you’re not building up a negative balance from standing charges, or any appliances left on, or in standby. Find out more about reducing costs and getting accurate statements in an empty property.

If you're leaving us, we'll use your Direct Debit to take a final payment or refund you

If you’re leaving Bulb it’s important to keep your Direct Debit active. We'll use it to take your final payment, or refund any outstanding credit. We'll cancel it for you automatically when everything's closed up.


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