Sending a photo to verify your generation meter

As your supplier, Ofgem asks us to verify your generation meter every 2 years, to make sure it’s recording accurately. Once we've verified your meter we can continue to send your Feed-In Tariff (FIT) payments for the energy you generate at home.

Send us a photo to verify your meter

We’ll send you an email or letter to let you know when we need to verify your meter. All you need to do is reply with a photo.

The photo should clearly show:

  1. the reading on the generation meter display
  2. the serial number on the generation meter


Some meters are tucked away. Use a torch or turn on a light to make sure we can see the information we need, and don’t forget to move anything blocking the meter.

Include the serial number and the reading in the same photo

The meter serial number and meter reading must be visible in the same photo. If the serial number is on a different side of the meter to the reading display, and you can’t get them both in the same photo, you can send us a video as well. 

If you can’t get a photo of the meter serial number at all (if it’s on a side of the meter facing a wall, for example), then send photos of each side of the meter.

We’ll send your payments once your meter is verified

If you don’t get back to us straight away, we’ll send you a reminder. We’ll pause your  FIT payments until we’ve verified your meter. 


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