About Bulb’s tariff names

The tariff you have with Bulb is variable, which means prices can go up or down. We like to keep things simple. So our tariff names are based on recognisable things, like the way you pay for your energy and the type of meter you have.

In the past, we used the name ‘Vari-Fair’ for some of our tariffs. It’s a great name, but we thought we could make things simpler. So in February 2022, we renamed our tariffs to reflect your set up at home. 

Your tariff name is based on how you pay for your energy

There are some things that apply to the majority of our members, like whether you pay monthly for your energy or pay as you go. So your tariff name will always include either:

Your tariff name includes what type of meter you have

Knowing what type of meter you have makes it easier to get support when you need it, and it’s easier to compare our rates with other suppliers too. So we’ve included that information in your tariff name. For example:

  • if you have a smart top up meter, you’ll be on our Smart Pay As You Go Variable Tariff
  • If you pay monthly by Direct Debit, and you have a 2-rate meter, you’ll be on our Pay Monthly Variable 2 rate Tariff
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