If your IHD is showing very high numbers

We’ve noticed that a small number of In-Home Displays (IHDs) are showing figures 1000 times higher than the true amount. This could affect your IHD if you have a first generation (SMETS1) electricity meter manufactured by Aclara. 

You can find out if you’re affected by checking the serial number on the front of your electricity meter. If your serial number starts with 15M, 16M, 17M or 18M, it was manufactured by Aclara. Read more about how to find your meter serial number.

We’re working with the manufacturer to fix these meters remotely. In the meantime, you can find accurate usage information in your Bulb account, or in the Bulb app

If you haven’t already, you might want to change your smart reading preferences from ‘daily’ to ‘half-hourly’, to see more detail about your usage.

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