Managing Smart Pay As You Go with the Bulb app

The Bulb app is the simplest way to manage your energy on Smart Pay As You Go. So there’s no need to email us and wait for a reply, or spend time on a phone call.

You can use the Bulb app to:

And because the app keeps you signed in, you can do it all in just a few taps, without having to enter your password. 

The free Bulb app is available for:

While the Bulb app includes all the features you need the most, there are some extra things you can do on your online Bulb account.

Here’s how the Bulb app helps you manage your energy.


Get an idea of how long your credit will last

You can use the Bulb app to get an idea of your much credit you’ve got, and how long your top up will last. You’ll also see any energy debt you’ve built up, from things like Emergency Credit.

Your balance can update once a day or every 3 to 6 hours, depending on your meter:

  • first generation (SMETS1) smart meter, we’ll update your balance once a day
  • second generation (SMETS2) meter, set your meter to take readings every 30 minutes, and your balance will update every 3 to 6 hours

Find out more about choosing how often your meter takes readings.


Top up your meters

To top up your meters using the Bulb app, tap ‘Top up’ on your home screen. You’ll be able to choose how much credit to add to each meter. 

After processing your payment, we’ll send the top up to your meter. This should take a few minutes for electricity and up to 30 minutes for gas. We’ll keep you updated by email and in your Bulb account.

Top up in store with your digital top up cards

If you prefer to top up in store, you can top up at your nearest PayPoint using your digital top up cards in the Bulb app. You can find these by tapping ‘Top up’ on the home screen, then choosing ‘Top up in a shop’.

Find out more about topping up at your nearest PayPoint store.


View your top up history

To see how much credit you’ve added to your meters, go to the ‘History’ section. You’ll see whether you topped up your gas or electricity meter and if it was online or in store.


View your smart meter usage charts

You’ll see charts in the Bulb app to help keep track of your energy usage over time. 

Choose ‘Usage’ on the home screen in the app to see your usage charts. Once you’re in the usage tab, you can choose between 4 different views:

  • Day
  • Week 
  • Month
  • Year

Find out more about viewing your energy usage in the Bulb app.


Manage your push notifications

We can send you notifications with useful information about your account, like if your balance is low or a top up has failed. 

To choose the notifications you receive, start by tapping ‘Account’ in the bottom right corner of your device. Then scroll to ‘Push notifications’.

If you’ve not turned on notifications for the Bulb app, you need to do this in your system settings first.

To turn on notifications for the Bulb app on iOS:

  1. Go to Settings and tap Notifications
  2. Select the Bulb app under Notification Style. 
  3. Tap the toggle to ‘Allow Notifications’ 

To turn on notifications for the Bulb app on android:

  1. Go to Settings and tap Notifications
  2. Select ‘App settings’ and in the drop-down menu, tap ‘All apps’
  3. Tap the Bulb app
  4. Tap the toggle to turn on notifications


Edit your payment cards

Each time you top up with the Bulb app, you’ll have the option to add a new payment card. 

To delete a payment card, start by tapping ‘Account’ and scrolling to ‘Payment cards’. 


Choose how often your smart meter sends readings

To see the most detail about your usage, we recommend your smart meter takes readings every half hour.

To change your meter reading frequency, start by tapping ‘Account’ in the bottom right corner of your device. Scroll to ‘Smart meter readings’ and tap on the link that says ‘Change reading frequency’.

You’ll be asked how often you want your smart meter to take readings. Scroll down until you reach the list of 3 options:

  • Every 30 minutes (recommended)
  • Once a day
  • Once a month

Select the option you’d prefer and tap ‘Save settings’. Once you’ve chosen your preference, you’ll see a confirmation screen. Tap ‘Done’.


Get help or talk to the Bulb community

If you need help with your account, go to the ‘Account’ tab, where you can choose:

  • ‘Go to the Help Centre’ and find answers to almost any question you might have about Bulb
  • ‘Chat with us’ button to start a chat with someone from Bulb
  • ‘Go to the community site’ to talk to the Bulb team or other Bulb members about anything to do with Bulb or green energy


Extra things you can do with your online Bulb account

We’ve worked hard to make the Bulb app the quickest way to manage your energy, and we’ve included all the features you need most. But there are still some useful things you can’t do on the app yet. This is where your online Bulb account comes in.

Sign in to your Bulb account to:

  • change your account details
  • track your energy usage
  • let us know you’re moving house
  • check your tariff information


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